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#1 2020-03-18 20:40:20

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System freeze at specific website

Over the past few months I have had unpredictable and rare system freezes (see post #9: Arch Linux keeps freezing)

It seemed that it always occurred with minor mouse movements in a browser window. I thought: that's nonsense, I must have a hardware problem.

Today I discovered that I can predictably make the freeze occur while on a specific website. I run either Firefox or Brave and use NoScript in both and I have not granted script site-specific permissions in either browser. It will not happen immediately but, if I remain on the site, scroll around, and make mouse movements it eventually crashes the system.

As detailed in the post cited above it is a comprehensive freeze. It is not a kernel panic or an xserver failure.

The site is well known and trusted by me: krebsonsecurity[caution]com

Can anyone reproduce this or offer an explanation?


#2 2020-03-18 21:04:16

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Re: System freeze at specific website

So on blink and mozilla - no JS.
Can you trigger it with netsurf (html4 browser, no JS by default)


#3 2020-03-21 22:32:23

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Re: System freeze at specific website

Not confirmed, for me site not hanged, but I use different hardware: old Intel Pentium (Core 2 Duo like CPU).

Maybe it can have something to do with Ryzen memory encryption? Do you have in UEFI option to disable memory secure encryption (I'm not sure how it could be named, maybe some acronym (sev? sme?); you have to find out)?


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