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libvirt recreates "default" storage pool every reboot?

I've removed the default storage pool from libvirt using: pool-destroy, pool-delete, pool-undefine, since I'm trying to create an alternative storage pool in a different location and have no need for the default. However, libvirt appears to recreate this storage pool on every reboot for some reason. Why is it recreated if I've deleted it, and is there a way to persist the delete? Should I just alter the default storage pool instead?


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From: Hoosiertucky
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Re: libvirt recreates "default" storage pool every reboot?

My experience with the default storage pool is that libvirt insists that it exists, and by exist I mean in its original form.

I spent a number of hours researching how to disable/delete/modify, but in the end I just decided to let it have it.

I created the storage pools that I needed for my use case and went on with life.

Edit: I tried with virsh, editing xml, deleting xml and so on. Maybe you could do something with the source code and build it yourself but, for me, it just wasn't that big a deal.

You can also uncheck autostart (virt-manager), libvirt will give you that.

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