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#1 2020-06-23 10:35:05

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Unable to connect to a Cisco-compatible VPN (w/XAUTH) (vpnc)

I'm trying to connect to a Cisco compatible VPN from my Arch Linux machine using vpnc. The preferred method is using the NetworkManager plugin, but for debugging purposes I ran

vpnc --debug 2

with all the relevant details and this the log that I see:

S1 init_sockaddr
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]

S2 make_socket
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]

S3 setup_tunnel
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]
   using interface tun0

S4 do_phase1_am
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]

S4.1 create_nonce
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]

S4.2 dh setup
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]

S4.3 AM packet_1
 [2020-06-23 16:03:35]
vpnc: no response from target

So I'm not sure what is wrong here. The reason I'm sure that this is not a problem with the VPN server itself is because I am able to connect with the same details very easily from my Mac. What else could I check to troubleshoot this?

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Re: Unable to connect to a Cisco-compatible VPN (w/XAUTH) (vpnc)

While not directly answering your question regarding vpnc, I've always had quite good results connecting with openconnect when I needed to connect to a Cisco based VPN


#3 2020-06-23 12:40:39

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Re: Unable to connect to a Cisco-compatible VPN (w/XAUTH) (vpnc)

Openconnect is good when you connect to Cisco WebVPN. For IPSec with IKEv1 you need vpnc/strongSwan/racoon and for IKEv2 you need strongSwan.

Regarding the issue: do you connect from the same network from both Linux and Mac? Do you have any firewall on router or Arch machine? It looks like something is blocking traffic or VPN gateway doesn't listen for IPSec at all.

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