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GI Jack
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Disk Image Scripts go hand in hand for setting up and exporting disk images. Use case is they go hand in hand with arch-install-scripts to easily create and export Arch installs in .img files. Ideally for re-import as cloud templates:

So far this is mostly done, and I'll wind up adding tags and making a PKGBUILD in aur.

As of now, only MBR and EXT4 are supported, but I might add GPT and XFS support in future releases.


- creates an image, partitioned and formatted with ext4

- sets up loop and mount, readies the image for pacstrap, also has a umount for clean up and list command for mounts in use.

- shrinks image, partition and file system to smallest possible size, with optional gzip. prepare image for export to the cloud or other service that can read a raw disk utility.

Bootstrapping an arch system: -s 15000 arch_linux.img # Creates a new image, 15GB in size 
mount_image mount arch_linux.img # setup the loop and mount 
pacstrap ~/mnt base linux vi syslinux cloud-init cloud-utils openssh # base system install

base system configure

sudo arch-chroot ~/mnt << EOF
systemctl enable cloud-init cloud-final cloud-config sshd systemd-networkd
sed -i s/sda3/vda1/g /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg

mount_image umount 0 # umount and destroy loop. Be sure to check this number with mount_image list -z arch_linux.img 

# suck the all the free space(Shrinkwrap) out of the image and compress it with gzip. You can now upload this to a cloud provider, and use this as a template

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Re: disk-image-scripts

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