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PCSX2 testing package issues


I don't use these forums much and not sure if this is the appropriate place but I'd like to make a few notes on the pcsx2 package in multilib-testing.
I can see that OPENCL_API is enabled. The OpenCL renderer is still in its experimental stages and it's not recommended to have it enabled in the repo's build.
Secondly, I don't understand why DISABLE_ADVANCE_SIMD=ON is defined. The build option is there to disable certain SIMD operations for the debug build. Disabling this may cause performance issues.
Both of these are from following the AUR package which is maintained by someone who helps work on the emulator. I hope this helps and I'm open to feedback.

Thanks for reading

After looking this over a little more, I also think EGL_API=ON should be defined and EXTRA_PLUGINS=ON should be removed.
The EGL loader replaces GLX, which is default in the latest development build for several reasons such as some users running Nvidia graphics processors on laptops not being able to launch the emulator with GLX.
For extra plugins, only the main set is really recommended and actively developed.

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Re: PCSX2 testing package issues

You should open a bug report on the bug tracker for packaging issues/suggestions, that is more guaranteed to reach the corresponding packager.


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