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#1 2020-09-10 19:07:41

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Network card problem on ArchLinux

Hi everyone, I have installed archlinux on an acer aspire A315-21-94XR, my problem is that I cannot connect via wi-fi but only via lan, installing packages to connect to the internet and going to wifi-menu gives me this error: local: Could not set LC_CTYPE to default local: no files or directories of this type
locale: cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default language: no such files or directories
local: cannot set LC_ALL to default localization: no files or directories of this type
But it starts up anyway making me put the wi-fi password but it gives me an error even though I'm sure the password is right
I leave you the information given via lspci -v of my network card:
03: 00.0 Network Controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 31)

there is nothing to see here


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Re: Network card problem on ArchLinux

First off, fix your locale -
Check your keyboard input for the password (type it into the shell so you can see the output) - certainly if you're not using a QWERTY keyboard.
Last but not least post the literal error string (not "an error" - that's meaningless) and the status of the failed netctl service.


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