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#1 2021-01-07 11:41:56

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OpenVPN service not starting


I`m configuring my openVPN server after I did a reinstall on my machine where I had it working before.
I copied over the config, generated new keys,certs etc and managed to get the server to launch from the command line.
Afterwards I wanted to enable and start the service with:

 systemctl start openvpn-server@skynet.service 

but it failed and in the error log I can see that the printed out config differs from the config I made.
Copy/Pasting the ExecStart value from the service in cmd also worked. In the error log I can see a line:

X509 name was missing in TLS mode

which is an error I already got before when I had the config wrong, but managed to fix.

Hopefuly someone else has dealt with this too, kinda frustrating because I can connect a client to it when launched from the cmd and all
is working, but the service does not want to start...



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