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ProtonVPN worth it without a VPN router?

Hey guys,

newbie here, so please bare with me. Also english is not my first language.
A few questions (if this is the wrong part of the forum to post these questions in, I sincerely apologize):

I'm thinking of getting a Plus Protonmail Subscription, VPN included. First of all, do you think it's a good VPN worth getting?

Second, I'm not willing (as of now) to route my traffic through a router with the VPN running on the router itself. My ISP makes it impossible to run the VPN on their router. I'd use it on my phone, my desktop PC and on my laptop, but not on the router. I read, in some corners of the internet, that routing my traffic through the VPN-router is always better and more secure.
I kinda agree because it makes sense, but does it make the VPN worthless if I only have it installed on my devices? If I'm surfing the web on my laptop with the VPN on, does some data 'leak out' because it is not going through the router? Again, sorry for not knowing any of this stuff, I don't think it has been answered on here before and I thought I will give it a try asking here, because you guys have been really helpful with arch and related topics.

Lastly, what router would you recommend getting if the 'only on device'-method is something not to recommend? I searched the internet a little and from what I understand, I would have to install the router 'between' my device and the router of my ISP. Is that correct? So in the end, I have two routers right?

That is it for now, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Thanks for taking your time reading this.


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Re: ProtonVPN worth it without a VPN router?

I tried their free vpn service and it worked pretty good, then paid for their vpn service. The paid vpn service was very slow and after trying many of the servers, I asked for my money back which they did refund. It seemed most people really like their service, but I'm just one. Might have just been my location, other providers seem to work as expected. At least you have 30 days to try the paid service.


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