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#1 2021-07-10 10:04:56

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[SOLVED] Can't start 'default' network with virsh.

Currently trying to set up Virtual Manager to get some testing done. However, I haven't been able to create a vm. It gives me errors like 'default' network is not active. I did check by running

sudo virsh net-list --all

. Here's the output. It used to give me different errors before I updated ebtables and dnsmasq. Now the current errors I am getting are these (whenever I issue the command sudo virsh net-start default):

error: Failed to start network default
error: internal error: Failed to apply firewall rules /usr/bin/iptables -w --table filter --list-rules: iptables/1.8.7 Failed to initialize nft: Protocol not supported

Didn't find much online for an arch based system, so thought I'd ask here.

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Re: [SOLVED] Can't start 'default' network with virsh.

Failed to initialize nft: Protocol not supported

Check to find the solution for that.

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Did you use the guided installer ? If yes, I can't help you.

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