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dnsmasq & systemd-resolved for development domains


What I want
I want to have wildcard support for my local domains for development.
I have and

So i want * should resolve to a local ip i have that hosts these.

What I did
I have installed dnsmasq to add wildcard support.
I followed: and … s-on-linux



+ address=/
+ listen-address=
+ bind-interfaces



+ DNS=
+ Domains=~/

resolv.conf // seems to be generated by NetworkManager (no changes made)

options edns0 trust-ad

Above have worked perfectly until some update after end of August.

However now i get connection refused.
Doing drill my testdomain returns
Curl returns the same.

I created


Restarting systemd-resolved.service fixes the issue temporary where curl will now point to the IP i have selected in dnsmasq.conf while drill will point to

So it feels like something has changed since x updates ago and they are fighting on how to resolve.
Any ideas on how to solve this would be great, thanks in advance.

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Re: dnsmasq & systemd-resolved for development domains

I suggest you try "" without the slash in resolved.conf and remove the networkmanager dns config again.

By the way, there is also where you can define the ip to resolve as part of the domain name.

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