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Networkmanager openswan plugin

I want to connect to a company VPN that uses IPSec and offers IKEv1 and IKEv2. Currently Im using vpnc via networkmanager-vpnc and the kde networkmanager plugin but vpnc only supports IKEv1. As this is considered unsecure I want to use IKEv2 so I tried using openswan and configured everything in the KDE network manger. However this doesnt work without the networkmanger-openswan plugin.
I cant find that plugin in either the official reporsitories or the AUR. However it seems that there once was a networkmanager-openswan package (see:
Can someone tell me why there is no package anymore or where I could find networkmanager-openswan elsewhere?

I would also be finde with using strongswan or libreswan wheere packages are available but my company uses preshared keys which I couldn't configured in the KDE networkmanger for strongswan. Does anyone know how to configure this? would I need to write my own config files is is it just not supported by networkmanager for strongswan/libreswan?

thanks for any help in advance.


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