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QEMU/KVM Virtual Bridge connectivity issue


Recently, I have been attempting to spin up virtual machines using QEMU/KVM through virt-manager. I have been wanting to bridge these machines to my internal network to host a nextcloud server locally, and also a Minecraft server for some friends.

I have already done a bunch of research myself to try and resolve this issue, both on the Arch Forums and the Wiki which I will link below for reference.

I do use the GUI version of virt-manager instead of the virsh commands, but have tinkered with them, and also have used commands to manually set up a virtual bridge (trying to make it persistent across reboot but failing haha)

It seems that when I set up the bridge and set it to the "UP" state, the virtual machine is allowed to get an IP and function inside the network, but my main system then becomes unconnected. (I did find an article that I followed to set up dnsmasq and a few other things, which temporarily solved the problem but seemed slow when web browsing on the host machine for some reason, and was not persistent on reboot.)

Is there something that I am missing or doing incorrectly?

Many thanks for looking into this. I will post any updates here, and am willing to share any other terminal outputs or any info necessary.


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