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Unity Editor unrealiable

While using the game engine Unity3D to develop games I have encountered a lot of bugs with the Unity editor on Arch Linux.

Overall it's just very unreliable and buggy. This is some of the issues I have:

1. Editor crashing when editor shows tooltip
2. Tooltips cut in half and overlapping other tooltips
3. Editor sometimes crashes the amd graphics driver (SEGFAULT) when using vulkan and HDRP requiring a full reboot.
4. Long delays when opening up visual effect graphs (freezes for about 15 seconds when opening)
5. UI Delays: sometimes when right clicking, the menu appears after a 5s freeze. etc.

These are some of the major issues I've had with it. Many if not all of these issues don't exist in their supported distro's like Ubuntu 20. I've tried contacting unity for some of these issues but they say that the aren't supporting "Arch-based distro's".

Have anyone experienced these issues before or have any ideas of how to resolve them?

System information:
CPU: Amd Ryzen 5900x
GPU: Amd Radeon 6900xt
display server: Xorg
kernel: 6.1.5-arch2-1
glib2: 2.74.4-1
mesa: 22.3.3-1

Most of these issues happen when developing with the High definition render pipeline (HDRP) and the Vulkan render API

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Re: Unity Editor unrealiable

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