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How to engage Wireless 5.x GHz bands and gigabit Ethernet

Hello all,

I'm working on brand new Arch Linux installs and following the ArchWiki to install Arch Linux. When I get the desktop up and running for the first time (via the plasma-meta package), I find myself sorely agitated by the lack of more substantial capabilities my devices have and my intent to use them.

Part 1 is my Intel AX210 Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2 Mini PCI card, capable of the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands, as designated (thus also necessitating the iwlwifi package). I'm hoping maybe it's a regulatory setting I didn't set for the networking packages rfkill and NetworkManager.

I need to use the 5 GHz band, as that is a far less congested network than my annoying neighbors crowding the 2.4 GHz segment.

Part 2 is a gigabit-capable Realtek Ethernet controller. Any other option besides the auto-selected 100 Mbit/s causes the controller to crash and not work, rendering Ethernet useless until the next reboot.

I've looked up the recommended articles for each issue on the ArchWiki, but have had no solutions. Any suggestions? Also, first post - any more information needed?


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Re: How to engage Wireless 5.x GHz bands and gigabit Ethernet

For the wireless card try iwd by itself (ie, without the NetworkManager bloat). I use that with my Realtek RTL8852AE and it uses the 5.4GHz band automatically.

I don't really use ethernet (I only have laptops) but you can also dump NM for that — a working connection only needs static addresses assigned by ip(8); alternatively systemd-networkd can be used in conjunction with iwd to allow seamless fallover between the two connections.[1]

In respect of the ethernet bit rate, how exactly are you attempting to change that? Please provide the exact command(s) and terminal output. See also

As it is a Realtek device I think this might be relevant for your controller "crash": … 8111/8168B


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