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#1 2023-02-08 20:10:49

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firefalld blocks libvirt zone and guest vms in default settings.


I am testing libvirt/qemu/kvm based linux guest vm on an arch linux pc where firewalld is running.

The simple linux guest is using default libvirt network with nat. According libvirt documentation the guest should be able to access host lan without additional configuration. libvirt creates a zone in firewalld and puts virbr0 virtual bridge to this zone. 

I have not done any additional configuration to firewalld, and my guest machine can not ping any other host in the lan. However based on … rt-network post, if I put virbr0 bridge to trusted zone, guest can access host lan.

I have tried many things in firewalld and libvirt to make the initial default settings to work such as creating policies etc, but none of them worked.

I appreciate any insight about the reason. There is definetly my lack of knowledge either in firewalld or libvirt or both.


#2 2023-02-09 11:51:18

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Re: firefalld blocks libvirt zone and guest vms in default settings.


Without having read the documentation, If I recall correctly with the default network in libvirt, you cannot and shouldn't reach the host LAN except for the host itself.
If you want to access the host LAN's stuff, you should probably set up a bridge interface.

Would you point me to the place in the documentation, that claims it should be possible to reach stuff on the host LAN with the default network? It should just provide NAT and internet to your virtual machines, and virtual machines in the default network should be able to ping each other.




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