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archinstall keyring errors

I've tried about 10+ times today installing via command line following a couple different tutorials to set up arch on a Dell laptop from 2007. Bios not UEFI.

couldn't get past the GRUB_ _ _ _ _ error so I decided to try the mighty 'archinstall' command.

so I logged on to my network, pinged google, and typed 'archinstall' and this happened:

(as an aside:) the install information is too ambiguous for my feeble brain with regard to installing on non-UEFI systems.

Even following tutorials as simple as "type archinstall and hit enter" are too rough for me, as indicated by the photo.

edit: universe was messing with me. the .iso was somehow bad, downloaded the latest .iso and it worked. thanks!

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Re: archinstall keyring errors

Welcome to Archlinux Forums, if you have fixed your issue then please mark your first post as Solved ..

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