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Wiki theme issue

While I'm logged in, there's something weird going on with the theme. The sidebar, footer, and top bar all fit the mode of light/dark properly. However, the content area is the opposite, and I'm not sure why. Also, this happens on seemingly all pages within the wiki *except* my Preferences page.

  • I've disabled Stylus

  • No Tampermonkey scripts affect

  • I've used Inspect on the content area, where I can find "dark-theme-background" but I don't see a "light-theme-background" anywhere no matter if I'm in dark mode or not?

  • I'm using Firefox on Plasma (Breeze Dark) but I haven't noticed the system theme affecting web page content for quite some time (good)

  • I've tried creating a blank CSS and Javascript file, didn't help

  • If I log out, the issue goes away until I log in again

Any idea what could be causing this?

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