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reanimation of brocken installation

Hello community!

Not sure if my post goes at the right place. I think I should use the newbie's corner, however I chose this section because it's more specific.

I did an full update via pacman yesterday, and unfortunately something went completely wrong. First everything seemed to work ok, but suddenly no network and system freezing some moments later.
I was in a hassle leave home and rebooted the system when those weird things happend. That reboot did not work well (eg. was hanging), so I did a hard shutdown via power button.
Now the system does not boot into gnome anymore, hanging at "accounts services .. can't start". Also network-manager seems to refuse to start.
I can go into tty2 and I am able to login with my user account. But as soon as I try to do anything with sudo privileges, the system won't do nothing. I wait for 10mins just to get no output at the terminal. Another hard shutdown is required to get the system running again, but only to the same point. I can boot from my USB into manjaro (so I can write this post), but I'm completely lost on the question how to bring the system into a useable status.

I have very little experience on how to gain log data. Therefor I thought about the newbie corner...
Having no GUI makes posting results of any command even harder (how can this be done from a broken computer with no connection, anyway?)

So if anybody is willing to help out I'd appreciate it a lot, but it seems a hard task to guide me step by step.
I already tried for several hours to chroot into the system, unfortunately with no success, mainly - I guess - because of my limited abilities.
Main question is, whether I should do a new install or if there are ideas to get it running again. If a new install is the preferred thing, can anybody tell me how to get the list of packages without using pacman? This way I could at least save some time.

Anyway: What kind of details do I need to gather and post to give anyone a clue of what is going on? Any suggestions on how to capture the output and bring it to this forum would also be much appreciated.

Thanks so far for reading!


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Re: reanimation of brocken installation

Actually I can access the journal logs by using

journalctl --directory=....

But the -b option does not work

Data from the specified boot (+0) is not available: No data available

of course, cause i did not boot the system itself but from the usb device.
So getting everything into a txt file gives me 1.8 GB .. txt file, not quite useful.


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