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Slow DL bandwidth with networkmanager and Broadcom BCM43225 [SOLVED]

Hi everybody

I leave this post for future readings, because after a long day, struggling why my supadupa fiber to the house connection didn't goes over 2mbps, where my iphone goes 200+mbps, I found an easy and faster solution after reading tons of on-line documentations, tried to install and uninstall this or that software, updated firmware, searched for newer kernels, half destroyed my arch linux pc but nothing worked, and watched again my stubborn connection stable and capped at 2mbps.

Totally nuked and sad I put a live usb stick of arch, ready to reinstall everything from zero. The live usb use iwd for wireless connection, suddently I saw packets flowing down faster than the speed of lights and a huge bright lamp switched on in my brain. I made a rapid search and found networkmanager-iwd package which use iwd instead of wpa-supplicant. After a quick chroot, I removed networkmanager for the packet with iwd and reboot everything.. BOOM !! My connection suddently went to warp speed. I said loud and disturbing curses, made a long breathe and thanked the god of sysadmins.


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Re: Slow DL bandwidth with networkmanager and Broadcom BCM43225 [SOLVED]

* Please don't post PSAs.
* You can use iwd as backend for networkmanager w/ the regular networkmanager package (see the networkmanager wiki)
* There were recent issues that affected broadcom chips, you might just have moved to an unaffected kernel.


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