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Sauengard: An old school text adventure

Last year I tried teaching myself a little Python and some basic OOP principles and my first Hello World program slowly grew into a throwback text adventure game inspired by the Zork series as well as games like Telengard from 1983.
I'm not sure, but there might be 2 or 3 people on the internet interested in a slow-paced text game that runs in the terminal based on d20 core mechanics with loot, leveling, a sophisticated battle system, a story quest and about 100 unique monsters.
It's actually a pretty fun game to chill out with in the terminal, perhaps while taking a break from other stuff...if you can slow down your mind a little.

The README wrote:

SAUENGARD is an old-school text adventure inspired by microcomputer games from the 1970's and 1980's such as Infocom's Zork series, Telengard by Daniel Lawrence, as well as Milton Bradley's brilliant Dark Tower tabletop electronic board game. It is a fun and immersive RPG with relatively sophisticated battle system, great loot and inventory, customizable character creation, an epic quest, and leveling.

I hope someone enjoys it.

Here's a link to a Sauengard Windows executable made with pyinstaller! …
This version is jam packed with music and some old school computer floppy disk and keyboard sounds. Just run 'main.exe'

Also works with sound using Wine on Linux!

$ wine main.exe

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