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#1 2023-06-06 11:07:27

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AI fun

Playing with Bing, I made some 1920x1080 Arch wallpapers.
It was harder than I imagined getting that silly billy to do what I wanted, but here are some results smile
No copyright as far as I am concerned, but Bing added a logo to the bottom left that maybe needs to be there?
Arctic 1 Arctic 2 Arctic 3 Arctic 4
Tropic 1 Tropic 2 Tropic 3 Tropic 4 Tropic 5

By the way, for any Firefox users out there, the Bing Chat for All Browsers add-on works like a charm.


#2 2023-06-06 11:11:17

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Re: AI fun

Those look pretty!

I don't think Bing owns any rights to the training data either, so the watermark is basically an ad.

Edit: google "water mark remover", first hit is some "AI based wm remover". Hehe.

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