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Problems with archinstall script

I'm having problems with the archinstall script.  There is a work-around by running the script twice.  It always fails on the first run, and always succeeds on the second run!  It appears to be using the disk partitions from the first run while doing the second run.

I'm running under Virtual Box 7.0.  The VM is configured for 3G memory and 25G SSD drive.  I also give it 128M of video memory.

When I run the script, I always give it the same parameters:
Language: English
Mirrors: Blank
Locales: US English
Disk Config: best-effort ext4
No encryption
Bootloader GRUB
Swap True
Host default (archlinux)
Root password given
No user
Profile minimal
no audio
kernels default linux
no additional packages
Network copy of ISO
Timezone default
Automatic NTP True
No optional repositories

It says twice "Partprobe was not able to inform the kernel ….. you should reboot now before making further changes
In the middle of it installing, it says:
GRUB boot partition /dev/sda1
3rd partprobe error occurs
Can not find block device /dev/sda1
Python script throws errors

I type, ls -l, and it shows the device exists
I check cfdisk, and it shows:
2m free space starting at 2048 and end 6143 followed by
Sda1 203M ID b W95 FAT32
Free space
Sda2 is 24.7G ID 83 Linux
Free space

run archinstall again:
Enter all the same parameters
partprobe error occurs once early on in the script (not three times)
Successfully completes

Boot into the new system is successful.

This is 100% reproducible!  I can't figure out how to get text out of the VM, and I can't even do a screenshot.  If you need more information, do you have any ideas how to copy the text.


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Re: Problems with archinstall script

Mod note: moving to Archinstall subforum.

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Re: Problems with archinstall script

I have come up with a simple way to build my ArchLinux system.

I boot with the ISO disk, and use 'cfdisk' to create a swap partition of 300M and a system partition to fill out the remainder of the disk.

I then use 'archinstall' and when asked I tell it to use the normal settings for partitions.  It will ignore this, and instead use my settings from the paragraph above.  This is necessary so that it will not fail when setting up GRUB.

I then reboot and it goes into my DE of choice.

Once I have that up and running I would like to install CHROME.  To do this I need to install the 'yay' command first.  This website has a description of how to install yay: … d-manjaro/

After that I give the commands:

yay -Suy
yay -S google-chrome


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Re: Problems with archinstall script

garyluck wrote:

To do this I need to install the 'yay' command first.

No, you don't.  And you really shouldn't.  You should also stop learning from any website that you got this misinformation from.

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Re: Problems with archinstall script

It works fine for me, and that's all that really matters


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