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LXD/LXC network bridge configuration with wireless device?

I have a question about configuring the LXD network bridge to allow LXC containers to send and receive packets over HTTP/HTTPS. For context, I have been using the two command line tools, for example I used the lxd intit command to initiate a storage pool with the default settings. As I navigated the Arch Wikis, I found myself creating yet another network bridge via the lxc-net configuration, that kinda seems unnecessary for my case since I already have the lxd daemon taking care of that. The problem I am currently deep in a rabbit hole trying to debug is being able to connect a running Arch Linux LXC container to the internet via the network bridge intermediary link to the host’s wireless device. I need some guidance navigating this rabbit hole…PS, I recently logged into the Arch Linux community forum...It is dope being here!


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