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#1 2007-02-19 03:49:47

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scsi emulation and parallel port printers

I'm attempting to get a Microtek ScanMaker V300 installed on my laptop. I've read the man sane-microtek2 but have great difficulty interpretting man pages at the best of times.

I have a port listed as /dev/parport0 at 0x378, or /dev/lp0  but no /dev/scanner or /dev/sg(x)

Being hardware illiterate I'm at a loss. Seems to have something to do with scsi emulation ??. Just how is the device created.

Any help appreciated (BTW Kernel 2.6.17 sane synced up to date).

The file /etc/sane.d/microtec2.conf exists in the filesystem.

Where to start?



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