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#51 2008-01-13 14:04:32

From: Poland/currently Africa
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello guys,
I moved to Arch after using 3 years of Kubuntu
Let me tell you: not because (ANY)buntu is bad
just because Arch is better (for me) - faster, less gui, more "as I want" than "as 99% of users want"
I've tried XFCE, Gnome, KDE, openbox, fluxbox, e17 etc etc - finally KDE makes me happy

so, hello again and cheers for beers :-)

I'm Pole but leaving abroad for last 8 years - almost as nomad :-)

Zygfryd Homonto


#52 2008-01-22 19:06:46

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


Moved to Arch (kind of) from Ubuntu after around 2 years of using it. I use my mac a lot of the time though, got it shortly before installing arch on my laptop. I like mac, but a proper linux distro is nice to have at hand.

I must mention, my favorite WM is OpenBox, closely followed by ION3.


#53 2008-02-11 03:45:25

From: Ottawa, Canada
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi everyone,

I'm Sam, who will probably visit the forums very infrequently, though you might find me elsewhere as coarse.sand, coarseSand, or Sandling.

I switched to Linux during the summer of 2007 because I was growing tired of viruses in XP, and specifically went with Ubuntu after a number of people on an IRC channel I frequent recommended it to me.

My interest in Arch started to grow after being torn apart for using foobar2k under wine to transcode my music from mp3 to ogg (dumb, but I meant well, honestly), and being dismissed for being the simple Ubuntu user that I was. I knew about Arch from browsing distrowatch and decided it was time to learn how things worked in my system. I'm now trying to pick up everything I can whenever I have free time, which is rare thanks to my college program, but I'm doing my best. Now I largely know my way around my Arch install, I'm picking up a few scripting languages, and using vim for everything I possible can, including vimperator smile (and seriously for my XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and eventually PHP and Python needs). And you'll be happy to know I'm leaving things in mp3. That was a dumb idea.

Other than that, I'm in Ontario, Canada, studying multimedia development and am twenty-something. Nice to join the forum.

vim? EMACS? Pssh, I code in Scribus.


#54 2008-02-14 21:51:03

From: Leicester, UK
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi all,
I'm Simon from Ireland, I have just installed Arch after hearing everyone on the ubuntuforums and the Zenwalk IRC channel raving about it. I run Zenwalk on my Laptop now, and very briefly ran Ubuntu.

I am a highly experienced Linux user of some 10 years, my introduction being in 1996 with an SLS Linux server in a Cybercafe - the desktops ran win 3.1/win95.
I personally started with Linux at home in 1999 on Caldera 1.3, then switched to Slackware shortly after, with the help of a friend. I ran Slackware until 2005, and then got myself a new PC, a 64 bit box I built myself from components bought from Komplett, tried ubuntu 64 with it, but I dunno, it felt bloated and badly built to me after Slackware. So, I went to Zenwalk for 18 months, but lately, I hear no end of people raving about how good Arch is for us power users -- I like to have 'stripped' distros, with a minimal X + SLiM  + Openbox + selected apps. So, i though i'd give it a try.
So far, so good -- Pacman will take a while to adapt to, but i'll get there. I love the rc.conf thing - I don't know why other distro's don't use it.

I am an IRC op in the #zenwalk IRC channel on freenode, and I also help admin the Ubuntu Document Storage Facility, and I am still very active in the ubuntu community.

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#55 2008-02-14 22:48:47

From: Queen Creek, AZ
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Oh so HERE'S the intro thread... roll

I'm Derek, 31yo Business Analyst from Arizona, USA.  Married, 2 kids, one in the oven.  Gamer affectionado.

I've yet to try Arch.  I've been using Ubuntu off and on since 6.06, but completely dropped Windows when 7.10 came out.  I only run XP in VirtualBox now for company VPN when I need it.  Arch is what I consider my second big leap into the deep end of the pool.  I'm intrigued with the idea of creating my own personal flavor or Linux and getting a good grasp of how it all works.  Arch seems like a good candidate.

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Been using Linux for 3 months now. A friend managed to convince me to try out Linux, and I did. Tried 4 distros in this order: Mandriva 2008, Ubuntu Gutsy, Fedora 8, ArchLinux. Tried desktops/window managers in this order: KDE, Gnome, Xfce, Openbox.

As you can see, i've gone from bloated down to very minimal tongue i'm hoping I don't go down any further. Distro hopping takes up so much of my time. I seem to fall in love with a distro and decide there can't be anything better, then two weeks later i'm bored :S

Arch seems to have me hooked...

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#57 2008-03-01 23:39:31

From: Sydney, Australia
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

heya, i'm Seynthan, 19 year old elec eng/finance student in Sydney, Australia. I started using linux about an year ago, firstly because it was used for some uni computing course and so I tried PCLinuxOS on my laptop where I had many troubles to get basic things functioning and wasn't a good intro to linux lol so I went to ubuntu feisty and it worked straight off the install so I kept with it without tooo much trouble. I moved to Gutsy as well and it was even better, I heard about arch on ubuntu forums for the first time I think I was tempted to go to it before even gutsy but I thought I should get some more experience first. So I was always reading that archlinux thread on ubuntuforums and seeing the screenies posted by you guys on their monthly thread and knew straightaway that arch was something that I would like, because everything seemed custom and fresh. So I decided to get rid of windowsxp on my desktop and plunge into arch64 finally and I love it! I have setup mosst of the stuff I need at the moment, I like how I love my desktop without having compiz fusion installed yet : )


#58 2008-03-09 19:16:12

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello yall smile Arch forums is very powerful i'm glad of surfing it

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#59 2008-03-09 20:36:39

From: Czech Republic
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

My name is Daniel, I am a programmer from the Czech Republic, 28 years old, I use Linux since 1998.
When I decided, a month ago, that I have to get rid of my old Suse 9.2 in favor of something newer and better - yes, I was very lazy to change or install anything since 2005 :-) - I summarized what I want my new distro to have:

1) GUI configuration often doesn't suffice in my case, because sometimes I want some special option which the GUI makers did not consider - and text file configuration is the UNIX way, anyway
2) the text files should be transparent and not cluttered
3) a decent package-management system, that will save me from dependency hell
4) fairly new versions of the software in the packages
5) ability to configure system my way and not only what the distribution creators want

when I stumbled upon Arch, I realized it's just the distribution for me, I experimented with it on VirtualBox and after that I installed it as my main system - according to /var/log/pacman.log this was 23rd February this year :-)

I want to keep things simple, as a window manager I use icewm since cca 2004 (I have two distro changes behind me, but still no WM change, because icewm seems to have what I want it to have and doesn't have what I don't like), I don't use any HAL nor indexed desktop search nor any of this stuff and I am glad I have a distro that doesn't force me to use anything I don't like :-)

the few problems I encountered were solved mostly by reading this forum (namely /dev/sr0 in fstab for the CDs to eject, mc-utf8 instead of mc, and finally unofficial MGA drivers instead of the xorg ones, which was the biggest problem I touched on Arch)

so that's all, friends, I think I will stay with distro, I like it here, even the positive energy and everything :-)

may the Source be with you


#60 2008-03-09 22:49:37

From: Skopje, Macedonia
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi i'm Marko Doda aka Maki, 16 years old living in Skopje, Macedonia.
I started using Gnu/Linux in the summer of 2006, with Mandriva 2006.0 ( wich at that time was 1 year old, KDE 3.4 and Amarok with that strange icon ), wich was suggested by some guy on some forum. I was using mandrive couple of days, and it was cool, i mean kde was soo cooler than XP and amarok was a revelation. Then my XP got broke and i formated the hard drive and loosed the mandriva install too. I used windows for a couple of months again, and then in november it got broke again, and  because i didn't had XP cd i installed mandriva again, the next day i got a windows cd but it didn't work, and i dicided to stick with mandriva. At first it was realy cool, but i didn't know how to install packages, and it took me 2 weeks to install limewire ( i dunno if URPMI didn't work or i didn't know to work with it) , in the meantime, i switched from kde to gnome because it was simpler. After breaking my system trying to install the nvidia drivers i installed ubuntu 6.10. Ubuntu was great cause it was easy to install new pakages, and there were a lot of pakages, after sticking to ubuntu for 3 months i installed kubuntu-desktop and started to use kde, quickly i got used to kde and liked its robustnes & options and started using kde ever since, After couple of weeks i spent using kubuntu i got litle bored with kubuntu cause a lot of new apps needed manual compiling because there was no pakage in the repos and i had the feeling that it was becoming slower between upgrades, i began searching for other distros, i downloaded 3 distros to test, Mepis, Linspire & by the recomendation of the local gnu guru archlinux, tried mepis & linsipe, didn't like because the software was really old and then i tried Archlinux, but i had some problems with connecting to adsl. I came back to kubuntu, but when after a major upgrade i printed the arch installation how to and installed arch.
Then after 5 hours late at night trying to install xorg i found out that i didn't run pacman -Syu after the install, when i first started kde i saw the speed of arch and i didn't look back. now after 9 months i'm still using arch smile, mainly because its fast, rolling, great number of pkgs (repos + AUR), the simple setup (rc.conf) and the cool community.

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#61 2008-03-10 19:08:47

From: Philippines
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi everyone!

I'm Jerry Garcia, unfortunately not the rockstar guitar player,  a 23-year old "kid" from the Philppines.

The first time I used linux was fall of 2006 with Ubuntu, it only lasted for a few hours because I was running a winmodem.  I really started using linux when I got a dsl connection on the last week of april 2007, made a list of interesting distro and started hopping around.  I got into arch halfway through my list and by the mid of may I
made a decision to stick with it.

I've been with arch ever since.


#62 2008-03-10 19:30:10

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

hey i'm staticvoid, aka heymr, or most recently heym1 cause some weird pidgin and irc issue... hmm...

anyway, i've posted a lot here already. but just found this thread! big_smile

Hello Everyone!!!


buhbye. glad to meet ya, i love arch!!


this is my sig


#63 2008-03-27 16:19:10

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello. I'm a student in the UK and I spend my non-student time with old laptops and even older cameras.

Like many of the other members here, I've been moving from bloated distributions to more minimal ones. I started with Mandriva, Ubuntu and Kubuntu 3 years ago, and this year I've been using Xubuntu on my IBM Thinkpad X30. When I managed to acquire a tiny Libretto U105 subnotebook I decided to try Arch Linux on it and surprisingly, things worked without too much frantic googling. The beginner's guide on the wiki was very helpful. I'm now trying to reduce my boot time (currently 45 seconds) and get as many laptop-specific functions working as I can (suspend, etc).

I love subnotebooks and bringing older systems to life with lightweight distributions. One day, when I have more time, I would like to modify a Toshiba Libretto 100ct with a makeshift solid state drive and put Arch on it.

Pleased to meet you.


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#64 2008-04-12 11:50:06

From: Shanghai
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

hi all , newbie here , nice to meet you
come from Shanghai China

Keep It Simple Stupid


#65 2008-04-12 20:02:12

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

I've posted a couple of times now, and I'd like to take a sec to say "Hi, I'm Rob.  I really like Arch!":

Hi, I'm Rob.  I really like Arch.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario.  Apparently Ottawa hosts quite an important annual Linux Kernel gathering.  I never knew.

I have come over from Ubuntu, which was my introduction to Linux, last November (with a bit of DSL in there, for good measure).  Arch's elegance of configuration files and simplicity of style is really appealing, even inspiring.  I also love that Arch has a clear mission statement that seems to be actively supported and actively implemented, even down to the way the website's package listings so quickly and cleanly link back to the package's webpage.

I also want to repeat my thanks to the forum members who have taken the time to respond to my questions:  Despite its smaller size, I have to say that they provided clearer, more helpful answers than I received from the Ubuntu Forums, for very similar issues.

And, if you were to check out my past posts, you'd see one of them went unanswered.  I'm glad it did, because it pushed me harder to find my own answer.  Which means I know even more about wikis now than I would have if someone had answered.  This is a good thing.

Well, that went longer than I intended.  Thanks DEVS for Arch.  And thanks to the Arch Community, for Arch.



#66 2008-04-12 22:34:25

From: Norway
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Ohoy-hoy people!

My name is Jon and i come from the country with high taxes, cold weather and loads of beautiful nature. And of course the home of the best Black Metal. Thats right, its Norway.

Its actually thanks too Vista i saw the light and went over to the darkside (not the cookies). I just got so frustrated with both XP and Vista and thought i could need a change, rest is history. So thanks Bill... When it comes to Linux i have only really used Ubuntu. Its what i was recomended, and i am glad that i was. If i had been thrown into the world of Arch i would probably have went back to Windows. I have used Ubuntu for the last 6months, and i think its brilliant (still have XP though cause of the upcoming game Age Of Conan). But i am also glad i took the time to check out Arch. I have used this comp to explore other distros and there are many good distros out there. But out of the simple ones its only Arch i have really liked. So now i have my main comp with Ubuntu and XP dual-booting and my second comp with Arch.

Enough blabbering though. Looking forward to many happy days with this excellent distro and i hope i will be able to provide some help to people here as time goes on and i get more experience and more knowledge smile


#67 2008-04-14 21:57:00

From: the forest
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hallo everyone! :-)

I've been using arch for a while now (over 2+ years actually) but I've never visited the forums that often (mostly because I was wrapping up school). Now that I've been in the leagues so to speak, I'm finally immersing myself here in this wonderful community (you guys/gals are awesome :-) )

I started using Linux when I read about Slackware and its lengendary stability - after years of longing to try something new and fresh compared to the macs and pcs that I was used to working with before. I'd like to thank everyone on the arch development team for the excellent job they do putting this distro together, you guys rock! big_smile



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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


I've been using linux for awhile, started with Gentoo, moved to Ubuntu, distro hopped for a long time, then found Arch.  The Arch Way is exactly how I feel, and pacman is a solid package manager.  Nope, I don't plan on writing a history of my computing experience or anything like that, I don't have the initiative to do that right now smile

Yes, I'm active on the ubuntu forums, not because I run the distro, but more because I want to help new users get more acquainted with linux.  Take what you want from that statement.  Some of the answers on the ubuntu forums are kinda iffy, too, as Rob said, which leads to two things.  One, I try to make my posts better than others, and I sign up here.  Good community, should've signed up earlier.

I'm not going to type any more, so, later.


#69 2008-04-28 01:02:03

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello everyone,
Arclinux is the best distro I've ever seen. I was actually very surprised when I first met Arch. It was exactly what I wanted. It rises my quality of life smile

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#70 2008-05-24 17:57:37

From: Šiauliai, Lithuania
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Heil Arch community wink

I'm using Arch about 2 years. I really like this distro - it's fast, simple and have helpfull community (also wiki smile). I've started from Ubuntu, I like kubuntu till now. Also I try a lot of distros before like Slackware, OpenSuse, Gentoo and a lot them, but Arch is my favourite. Also I didn't using windows, because everythings works on Linux.

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#71 2008-05-24 20:21:27

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

cyberpunk wrote:

It was exactly what I wanted. It rises my quality of life smile

So true.

Have you Syued today?
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#72 2008-05-25 16:52:34

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi everyone.

I have been using Arch constantly for about 6 months now and it offers me exactly what I need (and the online docs are good too). I started out with linux about 3 years ago, with debian and have also used distros like gentoo and briefly ubuntu, all of which were also pretty good.


#73 2008-06-09 18:09:36

From: UK
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hey Everyone, Very recently installed Arch, loving it after the initial teething problems, great OS, and support on the wiki and forums. smile. I'm new to linux and trying to make the jump away from Windows, I've learned a lot more about computing in the past day or so, than I have in a long time with Windows, which is very good in my books.

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#74 2008-06-09 19:04:21

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Howdy! Been using arch for about two weeks or so now, and I have to put an end to my distro hopping.

Arch is just too friggin' awesome...the community + pacman + AUR + ABS just can't be beat big_smile. I've already adopted as many orphaned packages as I can, and now browse the forums + IRC everyday. Just tryin' to do my part : )

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#75 2008-06-10 14:25:52

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

hi , i have been an ubuntu user for 2 year,today i success installing arch for my desktop pc....and.......yes it many of u,i would like to say thank u for this community to bring bleeding edge and simple system that run very fast on my desktop compare the other distro i have tried....simple and fast...i love it....thankssss...


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