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#1 2004-03-26 07:44:02

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how to install network after install from CD?

I've finished install from CD-Rom (only the base part). But the network card is not installed. How to install network driver? Thanks.


#2 2004-03-27 01:57:07

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Re: how to install network after install from CD?

You can set everything up in /etc/rc.conf

You need to know IPs for your computer/gateway/dns servers, or set 'eth0="dhcp"''.  Then put them in the appropriate  place.  The NIC module (assuming eethernet here) goes in the module line.  Take the ! out from in front of gateway if you don't use dhcp. 

An example for the module is an on-board card on an ECS-K7S5A uses 'sis900'.  Do a search to find out which module for your card. 

You should add the host name to /etc/hosts too.  Add a line:    your_host_name


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