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#1 2004-03-28 00:07:41

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LinNeighborhood pkg or equivalent

Probably a silly question BUT
I was looking at trying to build an AL package w/ABS for LinNeighborhood and wanted to make sure no one else was and/or had made it already.  The other part of this is if there is another package that is similar or equivalent to it.  I don't want to clutter up a nice distro. smile   Any info would be appreciated, I know the package maintainers have their hands full so if this is a package that might be useful I'll try my hand at it.  Thanks.

Just found Rasat's post about TUR's and found LinNeighborhood in the list. Please remove post. Thanks.


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#2 2004-03-28 02:37:40

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Re: LinNeighborhood pkg or equivalent

Hi skeeter.

The LinNeighborhood package in the deepfreeze TUR has a problem with the more recent versions of Samba.  Take a look in the TUR mailing list for more details in a bug report I submitted a short while ago: … 00056.html

You should probably take a look at the Debian bug archive since it contains all the relevant patches needed to repair this package.

I haven't prepared an Arch Linux package w/ABS with these corrections.  I believe that you will find that you will need these corrections for LinNeighborhood to work correctly on an up-to-date machine.




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