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#1 2008-06-27 12:32:03

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Need help setting up xrdp server on my Arch

I want to set up an XRDP/VNC server on my personal computer which is running the latest Arch linux (X64).
I wanted to use xrdp as I am going to connect to my computer from a windows based OS (work).
I want to be able to do so using microsoft's RDP program (mstsc) as I am unable to install any software I like, it's a laptop from work.

So far I have downloaded and installed XRDP from AUR and installed the tightvnc as it was a dependency.
Right now I am kind of clueless about what to do/config/etc..

Help will be appreciated.

Thanks !


#2 2008-08-28 13:18:30

From: Bean Town
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Re: Need help setting up xrdp server on my Arch

From one newb to another, I can give the process I took to get it running.  First and foremost, uninstall xrdp from the AUR, I could not get it to work no matter what I tried sad

Next you will need to make sure xvnc is working properly, this can be done by:
Xvnc :1

More then likely you will get several font errors, as Xvnc is looking for its fonts in the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts directory, and Arch deposits that in the /usr/share/fonts directory.  So to fix this we do:
ln -s /usr/share/fonts /usr/X11R6/lib/X11

now try the Xvnc command above, it should work properly this time (might be a font error or two but the server is running).

So now that we have Xvnc running properly, lets go to sourceforge and gank the latest xrdp tar ball...
I used the standard install (generic linux install) with "tar zxvf" then "make" and then "make install"
If you are using KDE, you should be all set, if another WM, then search through the forums (Ubuntu had several hits on xrdp and are Gnome specific) as I would more then likely steer you in the wrong direction.

Next we need to remove the lock on Xvnc :0 so it can restart (or you can restart your system if it makes you feel better), its in the /tmp/ as .X10-lock
then run the following command to startup xrdp:
/usr/local/xrdp/ start

I hope this helps, if not completely, at least in the proper direction.  As I mentioned, there is a lot of info in the Ubuntu forums on xrdp, some of it is helpful, other is meh smile


#3 2008-08-30 23:31:22

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Re: Need help setting up xrdp server on my Arch

I'd just use a normal tightvnc/x11vnc setup (tunnelled over SSH), and then get the tightvnc viewer without the installer, and throw it on a usb drive, this is what i currently do.
I have a portable firefox,portable pidgin, and tightvnc all on a flash drive, and i use SSH tunneling for all connections to my home box. So i can run firefox/pidgin locally without them being installed, and tunnel all traffic securely throguh my home computer, and when i need to i just start up x11vnc and use tightvnc to connect. (All traffic tunneled through SSH).


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