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#1 2008-08-05 11:27:02

Registered: 2008-01-05
Posts: 151 client is compiled incorrectly for me?

I am using FaunOS Shadow (live arch distribution),

Upon installing via pactrac and launching; the following error occurs:

Couldn't load radio service 'httpinput'. The radio will not work.

I tried a modification of this post since the error seemed to have a similar possible cause:

In terminal, superuser mode:

I created a directory in /usr/lib/ called

mkdir /usr/lib/

then tried to link it

replacing what comes after ln with /opt/* /usr/lib/

and I got a bunch of junk saying I can't create hard links in that directory.

I opened the file manager in superuser mode in two instances and dragged and drpped a "link here" and that worked; however, I still get the error.


#2 2008-08-05 16:23:47

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Re: client is compiled incorrectly for me?

This sounds more like a FaunOS issue. What is pactrac?


#3 2008-08-05 17:13:59

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Re: client is compiled incorrectly for me?

It is a frontend for pacman... kind of like Synaptic is to apt for Debian systems.  I have no doubt it is an issue on the end of the FaunOS installer not loading a dependency, but was looking for whatever help I could get since it is based on Arch. 

Sounds like I don't have time to figure out what it is: perhaps someone else knows what it is.  I was just trying out FaunOS.  It is a neat idea, but I always find that merged-live systems never quite work out the way they promise... knoppix, slax, etc.  I had found that DanmSmallLinux despite it's limitations in size as a distro, always managed to save and restore properly and quickly.  Amarok plays lastfm streams but they included the previous version were some things don't work properly.  I tried a live upgrade but the lastfm stream with that, if it stops, it won't restart unless the system is rebooted.

Reasons for all this: I am running off of a cheap SSD usb laptop drive and the write times are sometimes very slow: systems that load to RAM seem very nice in thought.  FaunOS seems to have the biggest bang for it's buck as far as size and included software.

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