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Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360


I have a laptop which connects to a router (and then modem) via wifi so I can have an internet connection.

I want to share this internet connection with a Xbox 360 that I connect to the laptop via a ethernet cable, is this possible?

I saw this article in wrote:


The bonding solution is unique in that both network adapters act like a single adapter for the use of the same machine. The other solutions use the two adapters in a manner that provides a new or different service to the rest of your network.

Bridging, for example, links the two network adapters so that Ethernet frames flow freely between them, just as if they were connected on a simple hub. All of the traffic heard on one interface is passed through to the other.

You can set up a bridge so that the computer itself does not participate in the network at all, essentially transforming the computer into an overpriced Ethernet repeater. But more likely you will want to access the Internet as well as bridge traffic between the ports. That isn't complicated, either.

Bridging requires the bridge-utils package, a standard component of every modern Linux distribution that provides the command-line utility brctl.

To create a bridge between your network adapters, begin by taking both adapters offline with the ifdown command. In our example eth0/eth1 setup, run sudo ifdown eth0 and sudo ifdown eth1 from the command line.

Next, create the bridge with sudo brctl addbr bridge0. The addbr command creates a new "virtual" network adapter named bridge0. You then connect your real network adapters to the bridge with addif: sudo brctl addif bridge0 eth0 adds the first adapter, and sudo brctl addif bridge0 eth1 adds the second.

Once configured, you activate the bridge0 virtual adapter just as you would a normal, physical Ethernet card. You can assign it a static IP address with a command like sudo ifconfig bridge0 netmask, or tell it to retrieve its configuration via DHCP with sudo dhclient bridge0.

You can then attach as many computers, hub, switches, and other devices as you want through the machine's Ethernet port, and they will all be able to see and communicate with each other. On the downside, if you have a lot of traffic, your computer will spend some extra energy passing all of those Ethernet frames back and forth across the two adapters.

Is this what I want to do?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

Yep, this should work.

After setting it up, you should also set up your router to forward ports 88 (UDP), 3074 (UDP) and 3074 (TCP) to the Xbox.


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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

Does the Xbox 360 have an ethernet port ?
Why not plug it directly into the router that way ?
Does it only have one ethernet port which is occupied ?

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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

Yes, the Xbox as an ethernet port.

The router has 4 ethernet ports and only one is ocuppied but the router is approximately 10 meters away from the place where the Xbox is and I don't want to pass ethernet cable through the living room. smile



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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

Ok, I'm trying to create a bridge but I'm having some problems.

My laptop as the Intel 3945ABG wireless card and I'm using the iwl3945 driver.

I do the following commands

ifconfig wlan0 down
ifconfig eth0 down
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif br0 wlan0
brctl addif br0 eth0
ifconfig br0 up

But when I try to connect wlan0 again to my wireless network it doesn't work, can't get an IP lease.

If I do

brctl delif br0 wlan0

Wireless works again.

Anyone knows what the problem is?

Thanks. smile


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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360


Still needing this, did anyone had to do the same?


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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

I've done something similar before, but I used static addressing. You could try the following:
In /etc/rc.conf:

eth0="eth0 promisc up"
wlan0="wlan0 promisc up"
br0="br0 netmask broadcast"
INTERFACES=(eth0 wlan0 br0)

gateway="default gw dev br0"

In /etc/conf.d/bridges:

bridge_br0="eth0 wlan0"

Keep in mind that I was working with two wired connections. The above example will need to be modified to account for any wireless authentication/encryption that may be required.


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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

I'm quite sure you won't be able to bridge easily an Ethernet NIC with a 802.11 NIC since they don't share the same "layer 2" format (i.e. where the bridge driver works). That said, I guess the real problem will come from the fact that most wireless driver doesn't let you spoof the MAC address in managed mode. Intel 3945 is no exception.

The solution would be to setup your laptop as a router. Depending on your network setup, the easiest solution might be to put your Xbox & laptop wired NIC on one subnet (like and put your laptop wireless NIC and the rest of your network on another subnet (like, and then enable IP forwarding and enable NAT of packets coming from your laptop wired NIC in direction of your laptop wireless NIC. Why ? Because if you don't do NAT, you'll have to add a route on your "real" router that says "if you want to send packet to, use 192.168.1.X as the gateway", which might be impossible to do depending on your router firmware. The consequences ? Your Xbox would be able to send packet but won't receive any packet coming from the Internet.

That said, I can't help you with the NAT part since I don't have knowledge on how to do it right now (but I might take a look). Everything else is pretty straightforward to do.

Oh, and I don't know what kind of wired NIC is in your Xbox and in your laptop, but if they don't support Auto-MDIX, you'll have to get a special UTP cable (crossover cable) or a small adapter for the link between your Xbox and laptop to work.

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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

I did this in Vista which was extremely easy but now ill try to do it on arch ill see if i can help to.

EDIT:   dont kno what the hell he is usin but i guess he is messin around with network-mnager-applet

i havent tried this since im usin wicd soo...will get back to you if it works

EDIT: here is another link. the first one didnt work for me. … reless_LAN

i got my xbox to connect to my laptops network but i cant make it connect to the internet. Say somethin is wrong with dns server.

EDIT: HA!! got it workin with the 2nd link's help. i couldnt get it to work because of i didnt folow the instructions and changed the ip's to my own numbers. So just follow those instructions and enjoy. And if you restart you xbox you'll have to reassign the ip address you gave it. Dont forget to forward the neccesary ports for xbox live as well.

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#10 2012-11-24 08:25:53

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Re: Share internet connection via ethernet port to a Xbox 360

2nd link works flawless!


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