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#1 2004-08-25 03:18:49

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configuring wireless network

i have a netgear ma101b which i have finally managed to load working drivers for.  lsmod shows it's using the "usbvnetr" module, and when i run "iwconfig" it seems to pick up the right settings (maybe leftover in the device from windowsXP?) aka the right channel and SSID name.

how do i configure it to use my router at i've tried using

ifconfig atml0 up

etc.... but pinging still gives me a network error. i can ping and which is the address i give my device on the network, but i can't get the other cards or the router.

i've tried using "route" but even after reading through the man pages i have no clue what i'm doing. am i on the right track?

thanks in advance,

sigs are for l4m3rs


#2 2004-08-25 05:02:47

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Re: configuring wireless network

try this:

route add default gw


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