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#1 2004-09-02 16:42:45

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samba network cross a router?

I have a Arch Linux acting as Firewall, DHCP server, gateway and Samba server, it has two NIC, one to Internet and one to internal LAN (192.168.0.*).

Recently I bought a wireless router and plug it in the LAN (, and set the router ( has dhcp IP range as ( - 200), and also has the same mast (

The Internet protocal can pass through the router without any problem, but the PC's behind the wireless router cannot access the Samba server, while PCs just behind the firewall can access the Samba server without any problem.

What's the right way to set the network? thanks


#2 2004-09-03 00:22:00

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Re: samba network cross a router?

It is possible that maybe your smb.conf only lists a certain range in the hosts allow portion, not sure though.  Also the router might be blocking the port required to access the smb protocol, since most routers have firewalls built into them.  Try setting the DMZ (no firewall for a specific computer on a linksys router) to the Arch box.


#3 2004-09-03 15:32:33

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Re: samba network cross a router?

See if it works if you turn off nat on the router.  I have a wireless router that I use as an access point.  The samba shares are fine for me.  I have nat and dhcp off on the wireless router (just using it as a switch and access point) and the computers downstream get IPs from the firewall/dhcp box.


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