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#1 2004-11-04 14:25:21

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direct connecting with parallel cable

I'm trying to get arch linux to do a direct connect via parallel cable to a laptop with windows 98 so I can transfer some files (and I do have the right kind of cable).  Can anyone tell me what programs/man pages I'm supposed to be looking at for this kind of thing?

I know some of you are gonna say right off the bat to get a crossover ethernet cable and connect that way, but the laptop doesn't have an ethernet port and I don't want to get a pcmcia card for this.

To make matters worse, the cd drive on the laptop won't work any more, so using cdrs is out too.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


#2 2004-11-04 23:27:21

From: DK
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Re: direct connecting with parallel cable

I used to use FX to do this between dos/win machines, perhaps it'll work with dosbox on linux <> windows. Get FX here: … dem/
BTW, FX doesn't support long filenames, but just zip the files and then unpack on linux smile

There is also PLIP, but that's only for linux <> linux transfers i think...


#3 2004-11-05 02:08:13

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Re: direct connecting with parallel cable

Hi dlanor78 and tgc.

There's a nice PLIP mini-how-to available:


You can connect Linux to Linux, DOS, but not Windows 95 (other variants are not mentioned anywhere).

There's some additional information about PLIP in the following article:

Making a Simple Linux Network Including Windows 9x

The author gets around the Windows 9x limitation by installing Bochs and running Linux emulation on the Windows machine.

I first read about PLIP in Multitool Linux (Chapter 4. "Soup Cans and String Last-Ditch Communications Methods").

You'll need a Laplink cable for this to work, by the way.




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