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Networking woes!!

Hey guys,

I had to reinstall Arch b/c Partition Magic made a partition in between all my linux partitions and moved Arch over (argh!!). Anyhow, I got it all set up and added the correct module (ne2k-pci) for my RealTek 8029 network card to rc.conf. However, the internet is giving me problems. I checked all the things I could think of [more than once] and they all seem ok. lsmod shows ne2k-pci is loaded (but for some strange reason it says ne2k_pci??). I made sure the gateway option was off, I configured the resolv file correctly, the hosts file is also correct. Basically everything seems to be fine but it doesnt work! "ifconfig" shows eth0 is up and has the correct IP (even though I get my IP through dhcp, its static). However ifconfig does show something that might be related, under eth0 I see a lot of RX errors although it says 0 dropped packets. dmesg also shows something strange, "eth0: bogus packet size: 32 status=0x21 nxpg=0xXX" where the last 'XX' is a combination of letters or numbers or both (there are a LOT of these errors basically one after another, after trying pacman -Syu, I dont even see the other kernel messages in dmesg, all I see is a whole list of these errors). I am considering reinstalling it as something might have gone awry there, but I'm not sure. Btw, is there any options I have to pass to the kernel? I hadn't installed a boot loader during the install because I aldready have Grub set up from another installation which I didn't want to lose.

The strangest thing was that I booted into Arch yesterday and the network seemed to work briefly! I was able to pacman -Syu and pacman -S xorg but when I tried to do KDE, it stopped working again. I am pretty sure it's connecting but having a problem sending packets back because when I do "pacman -Syu" it says 'refreshing package database' or something similar whereas if I unload the network modules completely the same command just gives me a whole bunch of errors about the different sites it couldnt connect to.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Please help me!!!!!


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Re: Networking woes!!

check if your network works, # ping -c 3

if it works try another mirror

arch + gentoo + initng + python = enlisy


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