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#1 2004-11-25 18:10:32

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dhcp problem since recent -Syu


I'm having similar problems as stated in this thread: … light=dhcp

But I am not using hotplug at boot.  Network does say "FAIL" at boot time.  My eth0 used to work when I ran a little bash script (network stop, ifconfig lo up, ifconfig eth0 up, dhclient eth0, etc.), but now I get the following message when I run it: "cannot bind to dhcp: address already in use."  I looked through a number of .conf files but cannot figure this out.  DHCPD wont start successfully either.

Strangely, the wirless script I use works fine.  Of course, I'm with my inlaws for Thanksgiving and they don't have wirless--and I want to show them how great linux is!

Thanks for any suggestions.


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