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#1 2004-12-14 01:08:57

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how to use ftp with dns

Hey there
i have a webpage i am serving with apache. the ip address is through godaddy and the dns is ... works great.
i want to set up an ftp server also with the web address.
right now i have
and i want
how can i make this happen. i use gproftpd to start the server but dont want to have to give out ip addresses all the time.

any suggestions?


#2 2004-12-14 01:50:49

Registered: 2004-06-14
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Re: how to use ftp with dns

ok i have another problem that just started ( i think when i upgraded firestarter ) when i go to it comes up on every browser that i have, but my laptop ccnnected at eht1 cannot see it. Neither can computers outside my house i think.
what could i be doing wrong?
how come i can get my webpage (not using localhost) from the internet but nobody else can.
-i am baffled
is my isp blocking my port 80 all of the sudden ?
did something go screwy when i updated either apache or firestarter ?
permissions issue?
config file screwy ?
please help me
thanks alll


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