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Re: X.Org alternatives? MicroXWin, Wayland, Y, DFB, Xynth, Fresco, etc..

@davidbe: No, I haven't messed with this endeavor too much recently. Most of the stuff I do anymore requires nothing more than console but I do load StumpWM in X from time to time if I want a larger, more dynamic real-estate. Also, I haven't found any more "alternatives" as far as the search goes. Sort of wondering if anyone <else> has had any success.

@pjezek: I've been following this pretty close and it seems like there's actual progress being made, which is always a bonus in this spectra where most seem undeveloped or dying projects. Looking forward to jumps in the Radeon support as my new laptop is going to be housing an ATI card. Thanks for the link, by the way, I should probably add it to my first post for easier referencing.


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