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#1 2005-01-26 18:59:32

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Probably a simple Apache2 html/php root links question

Alright I need some basic help here...
I remember awhile back ago I could use / to specify the root of the web server in a php file. So say I wanted to link to an image at /wwwroot/images/image.gif from an index.php file in /wwwroot/pages/stuff/index.php, all I needed was

<img src="/wwwroot/images/image.gif">


<img src="">. 

The top old method does not seem to work anymore, the image isn't found unless I do a complete URL link. I tried googling for this but its not coming up with anything relevant to my question. Is there an option in the httpd.conf file, or a different character instead of /?

Thanks for any help  big_smile



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