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#1 2010-05-09 17:54:36

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No temperatures with k10temp

I have an AMD II X3 435 cpu. Sensors-detect successfully detects the k10temp module is needed.

Some south bridges, CPUs or memory controllers contain embedded sensors.
Do you want to scan for them? This is totally safe. (YES/no): y
Silicon Integrated Systems SIS5595...                       No
VIA VT82C686 Integrated Sensors...                          No
VIA VT8231 Integrated Sensors...                            No
AMD K8 thermal sensors...                                   No
AMD Family 10h thermal sensors...                           Success!
    (driver `k10temp')
AMD Family 11h thermal sensors...                           No
Intel Core family thermal sensor...                         No
Intel Atom thermal sensor...                                No
Intel AMB FB-DIMM thermal sensor...                         No
VIA C7 thermal sensor...                                    No
VIA Nano thermal sensor...                                  No

I also checked that it's loaded correctly.

[florian@errorkiste ~]$ lsmod |grep k10temp
k10temp                 2827  0

If I run sensors the output just tells:

[florian@errorkiste ~]$ sensors
Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:       +21.0°C  (high = +70.0°C)

It's impossible that my CPU runs at 21°C. The bios reports something like 36°C.
Can somebody help me with this? smile

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Re: No temperatures with k10temp

Well, since the module loads successfully and it does report a temperature, it must be a problem inside k10temp. I would mention this in the lm-sensors mailing list.

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#3 2010-05-09 21:10:22

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Re: No temperatures with k10temp

See the lm-sensors support page:

Where it say RE:K10 support that:


(2009-12-06) Embedded sensors are known to be unreliable on the DR-BA, DR-B2, DR-B3, RB-C2 and HY-D0 revisions of the family 10h CPU, which will never be supported. Driver contributed by Clemens Ladisch, reviewed by Jean Delvare.


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