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#1 2003-12-04 04:54:46

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did any one try new xserver?

the new xserver has many features
didi any one trty it?and could you give a PKGBUILD about it?


#2 2003-12-04 21:01:40

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Re: did any one try new xserver?

i tried it and compield it fine about.. maybe 2 weeks ago from cvs.. its pretty good for cvs and jsut being developed over a couple of months.. but it is still quite slow and extreamly buggy.. but i give 2 thumbs up for what they have done so far, the features like real shadows and transparency is amazing.  When i dragged an icon on a gnome desktop.. it turned transparent with a nice shadow under it.. worked perfectly.
but isnt usable yet! i cant wait for a close to final release in the near future



#3 2003-12-04 22:10:37

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Re: did any one try new xserver?

Yeah, I tried it too. Very buggy, and slow.

Its got promise though tongue

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