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[CMS] Is some one running Zope/Plone on AL ?


I'm mostly *newbie* on AL (runs flawlesly on my Dell Lattitude l400*), and would like to know wether somebody here runs Zope / Plone2 on it ? 'Cause I'm willing to install AL on an old PII Deschutte 192Mo RAM to build a NAT router + Zope/Plone2 server.

If you happened to run Zope/Plone on Arch Linux, then it would be kind to let me know whenever you encoutered scaring problem when installing / configureing it, thanks wink

Something nice is that repositories seem to provide required libs to run Zope/Plone (Python, zlib, libxml2, libxslt, pyxml & zope) so if those libs versions are those required to run this CMS, this will undoubtedly help & speed up Zope/Plone install & configuration smile

Therefore I searched but didn't find any references to Plone & its products neither on repositories nore on EN & FR forums or with Google, but a mention of Plone in newsletter 6-13-04
* Everything's running allright, included Chinese input (Scim), but the Cirrus Crystal Logic sound card (that does not run better with Ubuntu & Knoppix sad )

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