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Local php/mysql CMS for "live" documentation

AEGIS already includes php and mysql.  We are using a CMS to run the website.

Rather than mucking about with editing docs in html and updating them as time goes on i figure it would be much easier to locally install a CMS and copy details from the online CMS into it as we go along - that gives a us a unified look both locally and online.

We'll then have the CMS run "live" in firefox when the live-cd starts.  We can do this because the cd will automatically be running and apache server with php support anyway (we're going to use a simple IP tables firewall to protect the machine of course).  Of course the local CMS will be crippled a bit but we can use it to provide tutorials, links and getting started docs, which can also be posted on the main website in the same format.

It's either that or make a html template based on the site and fill that out every time!  :yawn:

Comments, suggstions, warnings?


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