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NetworkManager under LXDE cause full CPU utilization


I've installed NetworkManager for use in LXDE. For that I've installed the following packages:

  1. networkmanager

  2. network-manager-applet

  3. xfce4-notifyd

  4. hicolor-icon-theme

  5. gnome-icon-theme

As per instruction in the wiki, I've made the following changes to the /etc/rc.conf file:

#DAEMONS=(hwclock syslog-ng network netfs crond dbus)
DAEMONS=(hwclock syslog-ng crond dbus networkmanager netfs) 

After reboot, network runs fine, no problem whatsoever.

For X, I got this in my .xinitrc

exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch startlxde

When I start X with startx, I noticed that the CPU utilization applet show full load (full green). Then I installed both the atop and htop packages to see what's going on. Both listed CPU utilization at 80-100%. atop shows that itself took 80% and kworker 20%.

In the tty (pure tty, no X running, after reboot), both atop and htop report that themselves took 100% of CPU.

So, I edit the /etc/rc.conf again to this, essentially undoing the above changes:

DAEMONS=(hwclock syslog-ng network netfs crond dbus)
#DAEMONS=(hwclock syslog-ng crond dbus networkmanager netfs) 

After reboot, CPU utilization returns to normal, with atop/htop reports it selves at 2-3% CPU utilization while others at 0.

Can somebody tell me why NetworkManager is behaving this way?

FYI I'm installing Arch as VirtualBox v4.1.16 r78094 guest. The host in Win7 SP1 x86.

Additional info:
When I first install NetworkManager, I did it from tty. When I got into X/LXDE, the CPU applet showed full load. Then I went on other work and shutdown VBox. Later, I fired up VBox again and start LXDE. Curiously, the CPU applet showed normal load (i.e. not all green), so I thought it just have to be rebooted. After fiddling around trying to find a comic reader app (finally chose Evince), I ended up installing libgnomeui, which install gvfs as dependency. So I followed PCManFM wiki for volume handling using gvfs. Cos PCMan displays errors every time I try to access Trash or Computer, I added the dbus-launch part to .xinitrc, and reboot.

After that, when starting X/LXDE, I was greeted with "Network connected" notification from NetworkManager applet (that was the 1st time I got it), and CPU applet immediately shows full CPU load. Hence I tried to remove NetworkManager from equation and CPU utilization back to normal.

BTW, I now can access Trash and Computer


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Re: NetworkManager under LXDE cause full CPU utilization

Do not cross post. Continue disccusion in your other thread for the same issue.


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