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#1 2012-07-23 23:49:50

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users near me, location search in userlist

It would be cool to see a location search in the users list.  I was hoping to find users near me so i could see if theres anybody i have been into discussions with in the past.  Would be nice to be able to just have a drop down for mileage from my set location, and sort by distance.  Im a programmer, and i know this is easy.  Anyway i can help in getting this implemented?  If not, anybody that wants to implement it?  Would be awesome, and help bring the users together in a useful way.

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#2 2012-07-24 00:32:51

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Re: users near me, location search in userlist

please post such requests on the flux bbs boards. Its not going to help here. Have you thought that some users may not want this due to privacy issues?


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#3 2012-07-24 04:01:51

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Re: users near me, location search in userlist

The topic is closed, but I shall use my magic powers to suggest:

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