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The "Thank you Arch devs thread!

With all the recent criticisms of Arch, the devs and the direction in which Arch is headed, (particularly with the move to systemd), I feel that the devs took too much heat for something that it's actually a good move for the future of Arch and it's community-driven development.

The move was explained well, and yet still some people were "expressing their opinions" quite the way they did and so I just want to say that I had ZERO knowledge of systemd until some couple of months ago, switched - and - nothing! Nothing crashes, nothing freezes, nothing it's wrong!
I even know how to edit/write my own service files now, it's so easy.

People often judge before they try and are then surprised by the result and a painless switch (I was expecting problems with systemd, yet I had none and to be honest my hardware isn't even the most "linux-friendly" one.

If you run arch as your distro of choice, I suppose one of the reasons you do so, is to experience the fast, innovative development approach as opposed to other distros, such as Slackware.

So, I want to thank to the devs for all the good work that they're doing (including the move to systemd) as history has proven that they know, what they're doing.
I hope I am not alone in this.

Just wanted to share my two cents / how I feel about it.

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Re: The "Thank you Arch devs thread!

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Re: The "Thank you Arch devs thread!

^^ yeah !!


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