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HP officejet T65 & DI-704P

I´m not sure this is the right place, so please forgive....

After my old router crash, send it back, D-link send me a newer model = D-link DI704P. with printserver.
I got a HP officeJet T65 that´s connected there.. Under windows it works fine, but Linux hmmmm.
After a lot of "googling" i found the answer that i was looking for. But its not working. I got it to print out.. But i looks really strange... I have only 3lines in the top of the first page , and the next 10 pages are clean.
I´ve connected through lpd:// and its the only way its printing. But as I had describe...
So what´s seems to be the problem ??? And could anybody explain for me what to do - easy and for dummies - thats I´m really  at the time for linux where I´m really confused..

Thanks for hopefully a good answer


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