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How to split screen without Xorg?


I want to have 2 Terminals open without Xorg or a graphical interface as I am doing this to troubleshoot X (I cannot start it and I need to remove some drivers that are installed). To remove these drivers, I find it to be a good idea to open the list of drivers installed in one terminal, and removing the drivers in another. I could just put the less process in the background and pacman in the foreground, but I do not want to constantly switch. Is there a way I can do this? (Googling it did not work.)

[SOLVED]Tmux kinda worked, but not really. It did get the job done though.

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Re: How to split screen without Xorg?


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Re: How to split screen without Xorg?

GNU Screen will do it nicely
I think tmux will as well (I am still learning tmux)

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Re: How to split screen without Xorg?

Also dvtm.

But of the three I definitely prefer tmux.

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Re: How to split screen without Xorg?

alevinearch wrote:

[SOLVED]Tmux kinda worked, but not really. It did get the job done though.

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