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ipv6 problems with Archlinux

Since a few weeks i have a problem with Arch and (probably) ipv6. I install Arch several times a week. I have been able to install Arch with the 1/11/12 iso without a problem until a few weeks ago. The throughput dropped enormously or timed out. However, selecting a low ranked mirror made it possible for me to install Arch. After that installation i wasn't able to load some websites, the throughput was very low or the connection timed out.

After a suggestion of Trilby i disabled ipv6 on my router and it seems to be working fine now.

The problem seems to be arch-related and not router-related since the websites i couldn't load using Arch could be loaded normally with my iPad and using another distro, Fedora.

I don't know if my ISP had changed something a few weeks ago because before that time i had no troubles with the defaults (beginners installation guide) setup of Arch .

Any suggestions about how i can modify my setup to handle ipv6 correctly or how to solve this problem without disabling ipv6 on my router?

Tnx. in advance.


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Re: ipv6 problems with Archlinux

I think the better question would be, what are these otehr devices doing to better handle ipv4 only?  I used to have these issues, but upon realizing that comcast deals only in ipv4 in my area (and most others as well), I turned off ipv6 on my router.  Now I have no issues.

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Re: ipv6 problems with Archlinux

In giving that suggestion, I suspected it was a network issue, not an arch issue.

I only need to turn off ipv6 when on one specific network managed by poorly trained monkeys (sadly, this is at a major university).

When I bring my computer *anywhere* else, ipv6 works fine.  So my ipv6 issue certainly has nothing to do with arch - it is network specific.

I have never bothered with touching the router - I disable ipv6 within arch.  My system then (as I understand it) never makes ipv6 requests.

If your ipad and other systems don't default to ipv6 they'd avoid the inadequacy of your network.


I'm not sure why you need to install so often, but if you do, I'd suggest modifying your installation media to have it disable ipv6 by default, then you'll be set.

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Re: ipv6 problems with Archlinux

Maybe it's an issue with glibc - e.g., opensuse has a patch in glibc:  getaddrinfo-ipv6-sanity.diff


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Re: ipv6 problems with Archlinux

Is it possible that arch has no problems with native ipv6 but with anycast enabled routers or ip4to6 tunnels or something?

Don't know why, but I had to disable mine. It was a mess / took me hours to get it working again the two times I tried to activate ipv6, so I gave up on it. (mint and windows were working fine with both ipv4 and ipv6, but arch kept getting only an ipv6 IP which it couldn't handle and insisted on keeping  it even after I deactivated ipv6 in the router, so I had to disable it in kernel line + reboot. Worse the other way around: with ipv6 in kernel disabled but router still supporting ipv6, arch's dhcpcd still accepted the v6 IP it had before the reboot... probably because the router was being stubborn and insisted it "kept the thing that it leased for 2 days 5 minutes ago"... also I think my whole home network hates me and they are planning my assassination while I'm asleep.).

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Re: ipv6 problems with Archlinux

I have no problems using Arch with IPv6. However, I banged my head against the wall for a couple of days when I had a Huawei device on my network that had the feature of being a IPv6 black hole. So there might be bad hardware/software on that network. I also had some delays when DNS was timing-out on IPv6 and falling back on IPv4.



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