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KMS,xf86-video-ati and modesetting issue after installation

Hello Arch community,

I've got in my hands not so long ago old HP Compaq 6820s(with ATI Mobility Radeon X1350) laptop and decided to put Arch on it. Now couple of days ago, i've installed Arch but I have some issue's which where never there before.

(In text below I'm talking about latest release of Arch with kernel 3.7)

Issue's before installation:
    - I couldn't boot Arch from CD or USB, every time I've selected install arch x86_64(or i686) I got the black screen of doom. Now I've remembered from long time ago to pass nomodeset flag to the kernel on the bootloader and the entire thing booted and I installed arch successfully
   - Now after installation I've installed xf86-video-modesetting package and try'ed to boot without passing the nomodeset flag to the kernel and the thing successfully booted

Issue's after installation:
   - Ok, so after installation I've continued to setup my arch installation installing and configuring xorg and xf86-video-ati drivers and here things got very nasty. First thing which broke(after putting xorg packages and open source ati drivers) is xf86-video-modesetting package. At this point I couldn't boot to my arch without passing the nomodeset flag to kernel, and without KMS mode on I cant put xf86-video-ati drivers to use. At which point I cannot start my X.

I've tryed putting vessa and messa as fallbacks if ati drivers fail, and then startX works but the screen is flickering which is really known bug for vessa drivers - and vessa is not solution of this problem.

Ok so I got really frustrated and tryed putting properiterry drivers for ATI(but yes you guessed correctly) but they din't work either. I've tryed to remove all xorg, drivers package's, leaving just xf86-video-modesetting package so I can boot without nomodeset flag on - at this point I can't get into my installation without disabling KMS which is really frustrating(udev just hangs there indefinatly if I don't put nomodeset flag).

Any idea is really appriciated.   

ps. Yes, I've checked the Gentoo and Arch materials on KMS and tryed probably everything mentioned there to boot my Arch with KMS support and Radeon module ready in kernel. So please, try to be constructive. Ill post neccessery logs when I get home from work smile

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Re: KMS,xf86-video-ati and modesetting issue after installation

This happened to me recently, on slightly similar laptop.
I passed "nomodeset xorg=vesa", went with the Arch "LTS" kernel,..., followed the arch-ati-wiki for "xf86-video-ati" installation,...,
Afterwards, I removed the "nomodeset xorg=vesa", and depending on your choice of boot-loader configuration, ...,. and all has worked well since.
You may or may not have to leave "nomodeset". I didn't have to, once the "xf86-video-ati" was loaded/configured.

But this was a few weeks ago, if I remeber correctly, for a friend, and i've had no need to update it since. could this be something with kernel 3.7.?, , and/or newer, Xorg. no idea ? -and I wouldn't want to wrongly speculate.
Anything deeper, it'll be xorg log climbing time.

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Re: KMS,xf86-video-ati and modesetting issue after installation

Ok, I've downgraded the xf86-video-ati to v6.14.6 and it works with xorg-server v1.13.x.

1.) Update the grub bootloader so it boots the kernel with nomodeset flag.
2.) Downgrade the xf86-video-ati(don't forget to update 20-radeon.conf - more info).
3.) Setup xorg.conf / xorg.conf.d for dual monitor support

Now the thing works but I don't feel that this is viable solution cause I have to ignore the drivers in pacman because any system update will break my system apart. One more thing why I believe this is not viable solution is that screen is flickering from time to time and I have really poor dual monitor support.

ps. (if you cant login to arch forum, dont forget to setup the hwclock)

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Re: KMS,xf86-video-ati and modesetting issue after installation

I have the same laptop, this will solve your issue.


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