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wicd reconnect problem

I'm using wicd to manage network connections for both wireless and wired. It's not reconnecting after a connection loss on either one. If I unplug the cable and then replace it the connection never comes back up. This happens with both DHCP and static addresses. dmesg shows the cable connect event and the link coming up, but there is nothing in the wicd log indicating that it's aware of this.

Same thing with wireless. If I go from home to a coffee shop wicd insists that I'm still connected to the home AP. Have to manually disconnect and reconnect.

I think this used to all work, but I can't remember how far back. A few months maybe.
Is this a wicd bug?

The ethernet chipset in one laptop is an Atheros AR8152. The other has a Realtek RTL8111/8168B.
For wireless one uses a Realtek RTL8191SE and the other an Intel 5300.

I tried Network Manager on one laptop and it switches networks and reconnects properly, but has other deficiencies so I'd rather not use it.


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